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Durham HPC Days Spring 2023

Durham HPC Days Spring 2023

15 May – 19 May 2023
Durham University, Department of Computer Science, Durham, UK

It is the week before ISC 2023, where we host a series around HPC-related topics with guests from all over the UK and from abroad.

Monday 15 May Tuesday 16 May Wednesday 17 May Thursday 18 May Friday 19 May
9:00-11:30 2023 Performance Analysis Workshop – Feedback and Wrap-up
12:30-14:00Lunch break
14:00-16:00 WHPC workshop (t.b.c.)
16:00-17:00 Vendor seminar (Kitware)
17:00-18:00 Social event
18:00-19:00 Kitware fireside chat
19:00-22:00 Dinner


Vendor seminar and fireside chat

The Wednesday seminar is open to the public and also is streamed via Zoom. Consult the seminar pages for access details. After the public talk (lasting around an hour), there will be the opportunity to speak with Kitware representatives in more detail. This part is open to Durham employees only, such that all conversations are covered by NDA.

Location: Visualisation lab (Computer Science building)

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