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This is a summary of some upcoming and past workshops. I usually remove the information on past workshops that we organised after a while. Yet, for some of them we wrote articles or blog entries, and some of them have even been featured in newspapers. In this case, I maintain a list of this material.

Upcoming workshops

SIAM CSE 23: SYCL’s impact on algorithms, data structures and implementations

SIAM workshop to discuss how SYCL affects our algorithmic mindset, code landscape and design rationale.

SYCL Practitioners Hackathon

The first Durham SYCL Practicioners Hackathon – a kind of UK SYCL user group meeting – is scheduled for 23 November 2022 as in-person event at Durham’s Department of Computer Science.

Past workshops

ICCS 2022: ExCALIBUR Task Parallelism Workshop

This ExCALIBUR workshop takes place on June 21, 2022, at Brunel University, London, UK, and is co-located with the ICCS – International Conference on Computational Science 2022. It can be attended either as part of the conference or individually. Follow the link above for more details around the workshop and the ICCS link for registration/sign-up information.

ExCALIBUR Performance Analysis workshop series 2021

Under the umbrella of the UK’s ExCALIBUR programme, we organised a series of workshops around performance analysis tools. The lessons learned and the underlying concept are all discussed in our experience report.

ISC High Performance 2018: The power of l(o)osing control – when does a re-implementation of mature simulation fragments with novel HPC paradigms pay off?

In this workshop, we invited developers/researchers around multiple simulation suites which have recently refactored their code massively, rewritten a whole framework, or are proposing new technologies to write software completely from scratch such that it can harvest new machine features. We asked the participants whether this effort was worth it.

My summary of the workshop titled HPC Coding: The Power of L(o)osing Control has been features by the HPC Wire.

ISC High Performance 2016L: Form follows function – do algorithms and applications challenge or drag behind the hardware evolution?

We organised a workshop at ISC HPC 2016 with speakers from various European projects and from various vendors. We discussed to which degree co-design really plays a role when we write new HPC code.