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ExCALIBUR Task Parallelism Workshop (ICCS)

Future supercomputing architectures are expected to exhibit unprecedented hardware parallelism. This parallelism has to be “harvested” on the software side. Traditional, global, loop-based parallelism and notably the bulk-synchronous/BSP paradigm are insufficient, and developers might have to go back to the drawing board and uncover alternatives to equip their code with higher concurrency. Task-based parallelism is one tool to write such new, highly concurrent software. It phrases programs as sequence of steps including their causal dependencies, but leaves the decision what (aka which task), when and where to execute a task to a task runtime.

The crosscutting ExCALIBUR project on Exposing Parallelism – Task Parallelism aims to develop a data-driven taskification toolset and workflow, to investigate task features that are missing within mainstream tasking approaches, and to establish taskification training and an experience exchange landscape.

This Workshop

This workshop aims to bring researchers, research software engineers and vendors together to discuss the current state of the art, issues, experiences and ideas for tasking in research software.

The workshop takes place on June 21, 2022, at Brunel University, London, UK, and is co-located with the ICCS – International Conference on Computational Science 2022. It can be attended either as part of the conference or individually.

Registration: (tab at the bottom of the page)

For any questions, please contact Marion Weinzierl.

Workshop Agenda

(Sessions 6G and 7G on the ICCS agenda.)

14.50WelcomeTobias Weinzierl
14.55Talk: Overview of the Tasking Parallelism projectCristian Barrera-Hinojosa
15.15Software demo of taskification simulator APIAdam Tuft
15.30Questions and discussion
15.40Talk: Tasks in the OpenMP APIMichael Klemm (AMD)
16.00Talk: Task based programming in OneAPI: C++, SYCL, TBB, OpenMPAndrew Mallinson (Intel)
16.20Questions and discussion
17.00Talk: Accelerating applications using ISO standard C++Gonzalo Brito Gadeschi (NVIDIA)
17.20Questions and discussion
17.25Group discussions: issues with tasks from the participants own projects, what would we need/expect from a taskification tool, lessons learned, ideas
18.10Report-back from group discussions
18.30Project Outlook, Training and WorkshopsTobias Weinzierl